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Ceiling Lift Funded

Dear Peterborough Foundation,

This letter is intended to express our appreciation for your generous donation which has greatly improved Debra’s quality of life. (Click here to view more photos.)

Due to health reasons, Debra stopped walking in the winter of 2011. As this sudden change in Debra’s health occurred, staff was trying to find different methods to support Debra where she felt comfortable using the washroom, during her hygiene routine and accessing her home, all while maintaining the staff’s safety.

Debra currently lives in an older home which was originally a family home. This older home has a lot of door ways and bathrooms that were not built for adaptive equipment. After this sudden change in Debra’s health occurred, staff decided to rent a Hoyer Lift which allowed Debra to use the washroom, however the lift was unable to support her in her hygiene routine. Using the Hoyer lift to support Debra within her home was a temporary solution to allow Debra to maintain her independence and access her home. Debra did not feel extremely comfortable when being supported using the Hoyer lift and staff during this time still had to lift Debra in and out of the shower which increased the staff’s risk of injury.

Eventually after brain storming with Debra, her occupational therapist, and her physical therapist the best option appeared to have a ceiling lift installed at Barnardo. Unfortunately, the determining factor about installing the lift was the financing. As many know ceiling lifts, slings and machines can be quite expensive.

With the help of the Peterborough Foundation, Debra was able to have the ceiling lift installed in her home that connects between the bathroom, the hallway and her bedroom. The ceiling lift allows for Debra to use the washroom, the shower and access her bedroom while also maintaining the staff’s safety.

After the staff was fully trained in using the lift, they supported Debra with using the lift in January of 2012. Almost immediately, Debra felt comfortable and was happy to use the lift. The lift installed in Debra’s home allows her to access her home while maintaining her safety, privacy, as well as the staff’s safety.

Thank you again for your generous donation,

Barnardo Staff